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Ashlee’s Bridals

We are SO excited to share Ashlee’s bridal portraits with you! It was so fun to be able to tell Ashlee and Bryan’s wedding story through their engagement, bridal and wedding photos. The wedding was last weekend, so we’re looking forward to sharing that with you next!  Ashlee, you made a stunning bride!  Her beautiful bouquet is from the ladies at Stems of Dallas, and her gown is and veil are from Mockingbird Bridal.

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The Evans Family

One Friday night in May,  in the chapel of our church, we got to be a part of something so special. We knew, in that moment, how lucky we were to be there and  that this experience would forever bless our hearts. What we couldn’t have imagined though, is the response this story  has gotten. We are humbled and in awe  to have seen our  work on  local and  even international media outlets such as Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Fox News, MSN, NBC 5,  and so many more. We were so blessed to have known Fred Evans, even for just a short moment and are so thankful and happy to know that literally, millions, of people are getting a glimpse of the man he was through these photos. Evans Family: Thank you for trusting these two random strangers with the honor of documenting what your dad and husband did for you on this precious day. We are forever blessed by you! If you  haven’t had a chance to see and read the entire story, check out the original on Fotolanthropy’s site here.